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Parenting Tips



Use smaller portions so your children feel that the goal is impossible.

Remember that some kids just have more sensitive palates than others do. Sensitivity can also be toward the color and texture of the food. Think of foods you hated as a child and how the entire experience was distasteful. Some kids are just fussier about their foods due to this sensitivity.

Look for ways to make sure your child gets nutritional value from the meals they do eat by sneaking in veggies and fruit into things that he eats without any problems.

Minimize distractions at the table. Toys, cartoons, other children playing nearby might distract a child who may otherwise eat.

Take time at the dinner table to make sure your child eats without a fight. Don’t find other eating solutions like offering other food or rewarding a dessert just to make sure your child has something in their stomach. Often parents are willing to engage in the battle of the wills to see who will break first. Try not to fall into that battle. Be positive and encouraging children will eat what is offered if they are really hungry.

Do not use sugary foods to get your child to eat more. You are just setting him up for rejecting a broader range of foods.

Try to offer new foods when you know your child is hungry. If your child had a snack an hour before dinner and you choose to introduce a new food you are setting yourself up for failure.

Serve a broad range of food at very meal. Try not making a big deal out of a new food. Kids take a lot of cues from you and will be wary if they see you acting suspiciously



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