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In a time when typically both parents need to work, it is difficult to imagine your child somewhere else than at home with you.  Hopscotch offers a family childcare setting for children as well as being able to keep siblings together.

Children benefit from the consistency of care since they may have the same childcare provider from infancy until they no longer require care.  As a consequence, parents develop a trusting relationship with the provider.  Children have the stability of one caregiver, other than their family, which provides healthy emotional growth for them.

In addition, your child will develop relationships with other children in the small, intimate setting that will assist their social development.

At Hopscotch, we ensure that your child is stimulated cognitively. We make certain that age-appropriate toys, crafts and stories are used in the caregivers’ home. We provide information to our providers on a regular basis to enrich the program and your child’s day care experience.

Many parents explore private home day care, a child care centre or a friend or relative when deciding who is best to look after their child.  Below is a list of benefits of choosing a licensed private home daycare with Hopscotch.

Benefits of Private Home Daycare

Environment & Staff:
  • Home setting
  • Siblings can stay together
  • Personal attention and care by one trained provider chosen by parents
  • Flexibility in daily routines
  • Individual programming to suit needs of child
  • Usually near schools
  • Monthly unannounced visits by RECE  staff to each provider's home
  • Ongoing communication  given through telephone calls, newsletters and provider
  • Personal relationship form
  • Back up care if available when a provider is ill or on holidays

Ages & Number of Children:

  • Small group of children (no more than six children under six years old)
  • Less illness than a larger daycare centre environment


  • Full and part-time days
  • Flexible hours

Lunch & Snacks:


  • More affordable than child care centres
  • Tax receipts provided yearly
  • Reduced vacation rates, which are not typically offered at child care centres
  • Subsidized childcare available. For information, contact the Region of York at 1-888-703-KIDS (5437)  to speak to a Children's Services Representative.

To achieve peace of mind daycare for your child, call us at 289-466-1111 or email us at or submit an online registration form at the Parent Registration page.


Hopscotch Home Daycare Agency
Tel: 289-466-1111

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